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  • Personal Styling At Regent

    Personal Styling At Regent

    Gentlemendid you know you don’t have to trek to London to find the finest contemporary and heritage clothing? At Regent, nestled in the heart of Salisbury, you’ll find a distillation of cutting edge and timeless fashion: a one-stop-shop for men of all ages, the spirit of Shoreditch in the wilds of Wiltshire. And Regent caneven offer a free, one-hour style consultation to assist you with any image reinvigoration you might be after.


    As Jason Regent, the shops’ founder, says: ‘Men – particularly between the ages of 30 to 60 – can find themselves stuck in a rut with the way they dress. We all go through phases, and during this time men often feel like they’d like to match these changes with their sense of style, but that can seem daunting. Come and seen me and I can help you try a variety of different styles from our wide range of clothing, all made from the highest quality materials: giving your look a boost will feel like a walk in the park.’


    Mr Regent likens the experience to a ‘free fashion health-check’ and emphasizes that ‘there’s no obligation to come back – we just want to show you what else is out there.’ Spending an hour of your life giving a good think to your style can save time and hassle in the long run, and the experience can be especially fruitful when there’s a special occasion coming up – something Regent specialize in. So swing by for a free hour of high-quality consultation and see the carefully curated contemporary brands Regent has to offer, as well as their own inventive heritage products.


  • The Perfect Clothes for the Perfect Day

    The Perfect Clothes for the Perfect Day

    Regent is renowned for its bespoke service, impeccable design, finest quality materials and affordable prices, making it the go-to place for any wedding fashion preparation. We have a fantastic selection of off-the-peg suits made from the finest British cloth, as well as a host of quality accessories to top off your look, all available at our well-established shop in Salisbury. Here you’ll find an array of sizes, colours and styles with great brands to give your look a neat and contemporary twist, such as Levi’s Vintage, Edwin, Aigle and Red Wing.

    Regent 'Harvey' jacket in blue tweed, with contrasting tweed waistcoat and wool tie

    “We can offer the perfect advice for anyone searching for their own, unique wedding look” assures Jason Regent, the company’s founder and designer. Jason has more than 20 years of experience in business and thoroughly enjoys making people look their best. Using their wealth of tailoring and styling expertise, Jason and his team can either make you an outfit from their stock or personally tailor one for you; the beauty of the made-to-measure service, as an alternative to buying straight off the shelf, is that it is totally unique to your requirements.

    Jason has his finger on the pulse of the latest style trends for Grooms: at the moment they feature the classic dinner jacket, morning suit, or the simple grey, two-button James Bond-esque piece. Another popular take comprises a tweed waistcoat, rolled-up sleeve shirts and a pair of chinos, known as the country-style wedding. All these looks can be bespoke or purchased off-the-peg.

    “At Regent, we believe that great style is about knowing who you are, dressing to your full potential and wearing clothes that fit you perfectly. We think our personal styling service and style consultations can help you find yourself,” says Jason.Bateman Ogden Men's Winter Suit Cloths

    Our Key Tips:

    - Buying or having a wedding suit made is an excellent investment for the future: think carefully about the type of fabric used – can it be used another time?

    -It is important to work out your budget before you embark. We believe the Groom should have a similar amount spend as the Bride: remember it’s the his special day as well!

    -We recommend starting up a Pinterest account to help you gather your inspirations – we can help boil down to the unique essentials whatever you throw at us!

    -If you’re looking to ace the big day, we can make something special for you – a wedding suit, made to measure, will take approx. 10 weeks.


  • Regent is open

    Regent is open

    Salisbury has continually been in the headlines over the past few weeks, and certainly not for the reasons it deserves to be. The attack on the Skripals was frightening and terrible, but the way our city has banded together to deal with it has made us here, at Regent, all the more proud to be part of such a vibrant, resilient and fascinating city.

    People have been, perhaps understandably, reluctant to visit Salisbury in the wake of the Skripal case and the city’s business and trade has been suffering as a result – a result that seems especially unfair and which is not helped by the way the media have often chosen to report the affair. Regent wants to add to the affirmation that Salisbury is open for business and that there’s never been a better time to come and visit us, as the city bands together to prove as welcoming and open as possible in the face of adversity.

    First off, Salisbury now has completely free parking, citywide, making it easier than ever to pop into town for a coffee and a browse – the city itself is picturesque thanks to the many medieval buildings it boasts, and it’s also easily walk-able, meaning you can take it in some exquisite sights – such as the Grade 1 Listed Poultry Cross – while perusing all the independent and one-off shops we have to offer here. Regent itself is incredibly proud to be situated on New Street, just off the High Street and right on your way to a visit of Salisbury Cathedral, surely one of the most spectacular buildings in the country and featuring the tallest spire in the United Kingdom. This jaw-dropping building alone brings thousands to Salisbury every year – if you want to sneak a particularly unique peek at it, drop into Regent along the way and ascend to the Games Room where you’ll find a stunning view of the cathedral, with the added luxury of being surrounded by some of the finest up-and-coming fashion carefully sourced by us from cutting-edge brands cherry-picked from London and around the UK.

    If you swing by soon you can catch the very last of our final sale reductions, with some wondrous prices for some utterly invaluable pieces – our motto is by once and buy good-quality, and you’ll be saving money in the long run. We’ve got our spring range carefully curated and ready for the adventurous fashionista, as well as all our timeless classics that make Regent such a reliable and popular part of the Salisbury experience. With everything from ties and cufflinks to biodynamic wines and juicy cigars, we’re the perfect place to source gifts or to come and indulge when you need something to pep you up. Regent remains open for business and is determined to dazzle with our new collection.


  • The Cloths We Use

    The Cloths We Use

    For both our ready to wear and bespoke services, Regent have access to a wide range of cloths, from some of the best mills in the world. Conveniently, lots of these mills are also British, allowing us to keep our business as local as possible. Our favourite British cloth merchants include Dugdale Bros, LBD Harrisons, Holland and Sherry, Lovat Mill and Bateman Ogden. We also have access to a range of other cloths from further afield, such as Reda, Drago and Vitale Barberis Canonico. Each of these names brings something different to the table, ensuring Regent have a wide-ranging selection, which will satisfy everyone’s needs.


  • A Family Affair - My First Experience At Regent

    A Family Affair - My First Experience At Regent

    My first experience of Regent was three years ago, when I just fourteen. I remember that it started with a conversation with my dad about the possibility of having a suit made... The occasion was my father’s second marriage, which was naturally hugely important for the whole family. Not only was it the marriage of two people, but the coming together of two families. It was because of this that my dad decided to treat the boys of the family to a bespoke suit from Regent; there were four of us, including me.


  • What to wear if you're getting married - Semi Formal

    What to wear if you're getting married - Semi Formal

    hen people usually think about clothing choices at a wedding, the bride’s dress is first and foremost on the agenda, if you picture a wedding scene, no doubt the bride will be the centre of attention, looking radiant in a beautiful dress, whilst the groom is imagined in ‘a suit’ of some description. Obviously it would be the height of bad manners for the groom to upstage the bride, there’s no reason why he should be left out.


  • Outfit of the Week 10/01/2017 - Ivy Style

    Outfit of the Week 10/01/2017 - Ivy Style

    Inspired by the early chapters of David W. Marx's 'Ametora' and following on from the previous blog about 'preppy' fashion, this weeks outfit is firmly rooted in classic Ivy league style. Popularised in America in the wealthy campuses of Harvard, Yale and Princeton, American Ivy League style has been coveted and imitated worldwide, particularly in Japan, where good clothing was viewed as the ultimate status symbol.


  • Regent Tailoring’s Jason Regent

    Regent Tailoring’s Jason Regent

    Last year, Regent Tailoring celebrated its tenth birthday. One year on, we speak with the company’s founder & owner, Jason Regent, about his style & future...


  • Formal occasion

    Formal occasion

    A good quality, well-fitting suit is the best item of clothing any gentleman can own. When you need to look your best, be it a wedding, business meeting, or any other formal occasion, very little competes with a good suit.


  • How to find yourself in a suit.

    How to find yourself in a suit.

    A well fitting suit is the most important garment a gentleman can own, sadly, all too often this is forgotten. Ill fitting suits which look a few sizes too big are unfortunately not uncommon. A suit can be made of the most expensive material available, but if the fit isn't correct, nobody will be able to tell.


  • ‘Tis the Season: Black Tie

    ‘Tis the Season: Black Tie

    Whilst the festive season means different things to different people, for the social and stylish gent, it can be encapsulated by one phrase: Black Tie. To ensure things smoothly on the style front during this year’s party period, here are a few reminders...


  • Glorious Tweed

    Glorious Tweed

    Tweed is a remarkably diverse textile. It is the quintessential cloth of The Establishment – think, Duke of Windsor, hunting and horse-riding – and yet it possesses a burgeoning popular appeal.


  • Icon of Style: Mr Alain Delon

    Icon of Style: Mr Alain Delon

    A French-Swiss actor born in 1935, Alain Delon rarely appears in best-dressed lists, but he should. The reason for this oversight is undoubtedly because Delon’s films – even his most famous, Rocco And His Brothers (1960) and Il Gattopardo/The Leopard (1963), both of which were directed by Luchino Visconti – are probably still little known to an Anglophone audience. Delon was called to Hollywood, but he never mastered the English language to become the leading star that his looks would have easily made possible.


  • Devilish Details

    Devilish Details

    A bespoke jacket or suit will fit you better than an off the peg suit. Period. Crucial details can nonetheless designate those garments that are truly a cut above rest.


  • Icon of Style: HRH The Duke of Windsor

    Icon of Style: HRH The Duke of Windsor

    The Duke of Windsor is remembered for two things, his eleven month reign as Edward VIII between January and December 1936 and his sartorial flair. At the time of his death in 1972, he owned 15 evening suits, 55 lounge suits, 3 formal suits and over 100 pairs of shoes. Credited with the introduction of a more relaxed and less structured approach to dressing, the Duke combined rich textures and colour with confidence and creativity.


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