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    On 30th September the streets of Salisbury will be filled with a glorious roar as a fleet of classic motorcycles rumble into life, each one ridden by an excellently-dressed gent decked out in dapper haberdashery.

    This is the day when, all over the world, impeccably-tailored gentlemen ride classic motorcycles in the face of prostate cancer and to raise funds for the treatment of men’s mental health in the name of the great Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

    Here in Salisbury, our very own head honcho Mr Jason Regent will be brushing, booting and polishing up to take his Triumph Scrambler 900 out to raise money for these crucial causes – as it stands, Jason’s in 3rd place to be Salisbury’s highest fundraising rider!

    Mr Regent couldn’t be more proud to be taking part in such an important event – men’s health is of course something we take tremendously seriously here at Regent – and in particular, men’s mental wellbeing. Three out of four suicides are, sadly, men, proving that there’s some urgent deconstruction needed for what it means to be a man in today’s world. Men who struggle with mental health issues often believe they have to live up to some standard of “manliness”, needing to ‘go it alone’, not talking about how they’re feeling.

    At Regent, we take pride in our incredibly friendly and supportive shop atmosphere, understanding that talking about how you feel, what you’re aspiring to and how you want to present yourself is absolutely key to looking and feeling your best, and we’re so supportive of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride because it is a huge, real, positive manifestation of solidarity, proving that you’re never on your own.

    At the core of what makes us take men’s fashion so seriously is the belief that you dress the way you want to be addressed: that dressing well is a psychological booster and motivator, giving you confidence and pride in how you’re living and going about your day-to-day work. We believe that helping people to find their style isn’t only a matter of fun (though it certainly should be that too) but also a serious way to bring out their best.

    So, at a time when Salisbury is still battling to prove its health and status as one of our countries’ finest cities, Regent is proud to be riding out to bring a high-fashion parade of superb bikes and dapper gentlemen roaring through the city, not only as an act of defiance but also to raise money and awareness for such a critical cause. See below for a few pointers on how to achieve that desired dapper motor-biker-look ahead of the big day – and please do donate to Jason if you want to help these tremendous charities by following the link below:


    • For the ultimate ‘distinguished gent look’, try one of our tweed jackets currently in the sale: the Senator and the Grenfell Golfer will both look excellent paired with a suit and tie.
    • For a truly classic finish, take a peek at our deluxe, unique Aero Leather Bomber Jacket (or nip into the shop to try on the Gloverall take on this famous style).
    • A fantastic, Steve-McQueen-inspired foundation for your look would be the impeccable pairing of a pair of Hiut jeans and a crisp, white t-shirtA brilliant pair of boots are all-important for biker chic and cycle safety: we recommend a pair of Red Wings – Moc Toe or Chukka will do – which’ll go excellently with your rugged blue Hiuts
    • If you’re going for full dapper and wearing a shirt and tie, it’d be a crime to overlook Regent’s selection of motorbike-inspired ties: we’ve got a whole range of colours, and can offer our unique tyre-track printed silk tie to boot, too, for that subtle and most dapper of distinctions.




    We’ve got you covered for all the final flourishes and outstanding details in any wedding outfit

    We’re currently in the heart of the wedding season, and whether it’s you that’s tying the knot or else you’re in the middle of a flurry of ceremonies, dinners, and dances celebrating for friends, Regent is your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related. We’re sure you’ve heard of our myriad wedding services and suits, so today we’re looking at the smaller details, finishing touches and various accessories that’ll keep all eyes on you on the big day… whether it’s you that’s getting married or not!

    A strong tie is, of course, crucial, and we’ve got something for every taste, season or passion under the sun: rep those suave city slickers with a beautiful navy tie decorated in handsome foxes, fly the flag for bikers everywhere with this exquisite burgundy beauty or, for some truly unique summer fun, try an elegant bug-studded number. We’ve got everything, from a bold and classic range of traditional ties to dragonflies, woodcocks, and fish; polka dots, stripes, spots and dogstooth, every one beautifully woven and eye-poppingly gorgeous – there’s no way you won’t find what you’re looking for.

    Then there’s the question of the pocket square: what once could’ve been considered a fiddly and frustrating item is now a walk in the park thanks to our dazzling selection – if you can dream it, we’ve got it. The nifty tip of fabric that flowers elegantly out of your top pocket is a must have and adds a beautiful contrast to your suit, offering another opportunity to turn heads or catch eyes on the dancefloor. We’ve got all kinds of paisley, subtle and smart or rustic chic for any countryside shenanigans.

    A sweet pair of socks is often the perfect curveball to flair up any wedding outfit, and Regent’s own brand cotton numbers come in a blistering array of ballistic colours and patterns. As you’re strolling around the lawns with your pimms, or perched on a pew, the hem of your trouser hitched up, flashing a bit of snazzy sock is a great way to indicate style and personality whilst still playing by the traditional wedding rules. Try the old-schSocksool classic combo of red and blue stripes to be the artful jester, or spark intrigue with an aquamarine-themed ankle-flash; start the party with electric yellow lightning bolts or go smart but contemporary with some nifty thin stripes. Whichever way you’re headed, Regent has got the means to kit you out.

    And we haven’t even touched upon our cufflink selection to catch a glint of the summer sun – speaking of which, have you perused our pairs of sunglasses, perfect for the current heatwave and keeping you looking smart and cool? Wedding outfits are a great opportunity to add small touches of personal flair and idiosyncrasy, helping you to pull focus and show you’ve thought carefully about every last detail for your friends and loved ones. Nip into Regent and we’ll help you find the perfect combo of accessories, meaning that every little thing is perfect for the big day.


  • Hip flasks and Hot Tips for Tipples

    Hip flasks and Hot Tips for Tipples

    When it comes to choosing the right flask and the right drink to put in it, Regent’s here to help you use your melon…

    The inside of a melon – yessir, whenever you sneak a swig from your favourite trusty hip flask, remember that this is where it all started when, in the Middle Ages, folk would carve out the insides of fruits to store their liquor in for carrying. Indeed, this quirky, semi-secretive and crafty spirit has been borne through the evolution of the hip flask across the ages, where it’s now become a beloved, intimate and crucial item for any gentlemen of leisure who keeps his drink close to his heart.

    Whether slotted into your cartridge pouch for a shoot, or slipped into your suit pocket for an evening out, the modern hip flask – often burnished in fine leather and inscribed with a quip – has it’s own spirit: like a personal sprite or imp, it sits in your jacket fuelling you with a sense of adventure. We’re here to help you decide what to put inside it to keep the spirit of the hip flask alive.

    The ideal, most sought after beverage is a blended or single malt whisky: you want something that piques and then keeps your interest, something that justifies the small, spread-out sips that a hip flask encourages across an evening.

    Our bet would be Sheep Dip's classic blend, thanks to its production from thirteen single malts, all expertly entwined from different regions across Scotland. This gives the whisky a continual rolling tangle of different flavors: a mellow and sweet nose follows up on a raw oat and biscuit character for the palate, while the finish is reminiscent of a ripe apple skin, taking you on a dusky summer-evening journey across flavors. This is a whisky whose unique, intelligent entrapment of various different notes is something that other whiskies have tried to attain but often fail at: Sheep Dip has it all.

    Another fitting liquor for the hip flask is The Highland Harvest Sauternes Finished Single Malt. Just as the name suggests, this whisky is aged in French sweet wine barrels, gifting this elegant, floral whisky a marmalade, orange and honey layer and making it wonderfully moreish, sweet to nose and mouth. Crafted by the Organic Spirit Company, this whisky harnesses lovingly harvested organic crops to create an unusual yet easy to love drink. Balanced and fruitful, this is that sweeter treat that’ll keep you entertained over a nighttime adventure.




    They say you shouldn’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes: Regent not only aim to provide footwear that’ll make this mile-long trek a walk in the park comfort-wise, but we also seek to make you the very object of desire in this well-known proverb – when others see you in a pair of Regent’s unique, fantastically stylish shoes, or some of the Redwing Boots or Ludwig Reiter trainers we stock, they’ll be chasing after you to enquire where you got them.

    It all started for Jason Regent with what became the Romany, the first Chelsea boot he designed.  The story goes that Jason was wearing an old pair – enormously popular amongst riders thanks to their support, sturdiness and sleek style – when he got the chance to ride Romany King, the winner of the Grand National champion, and had trouble getting a foot out of the stirrup. The shoe looked great, but wasn’t quite doing the trick, so Jason went away and perfected the design, giving the boot a higher neck, resulting in a unique, distinct twist on the famous boot that still has heads turning today. This is a typical example of what gives rise to a Regent shoe: with our feet on the ground in terms of practicality, durability and comfort, and our head in the sky when it comes to dreaming up that idiosyncratic twist on things that’ll make your footwear unique, we’ve harnessed the wild ride between true style and true comfort.

    All Regent shoes are Goodyear welted, which means they can be fully re-soled, as and when the  time comes; Goodyear welting marks the intent of a shoe that’s bound to run and run, unlike much of the contemporary footwear you’ll find on the high-street today that barely withstands a year’s worth of wear. We welt our shoes like this because we make them for life, and, of course, we design them with the same timeless intent. Again, unlike other high-street brands, all our shoes are 100% British-made (many brands claim this, whilst shipping parts from overseas and only assembling them in the UK). We make ours in Northampton, the home of the legendary Joseph Cheaney, and on the sole of our shoes you’ll see the stamp of the Regent butterfly or skull, marking out the source of it’s unique design.

    Regent has a tremendous relationship with Joseph Cheaney, something we’re proud of and which sets us in great stead for the highest possible quality. Cheaney, with their centuries of expertise, remain at the forefront of the noble tradition of shoe and bootmaking and have even been recognised by royalty, awarded the Queen’s award for Enterprise in 2016. We’ve always stocked Cheaney and they’ve made our shoes since the very beginning and that famous Romany boot. We’re an official stockist and have full access to their catalogue for customers, so feel free to pop in and see for yourself what the full force of tradition and innovation looks like.

    Regent has got you covered for any style of shoe, from traditional to radical, impeccably smart to ultra urbane. Our Regent/Cheaney range is versatile and classic, able to accommodate any kind of outfit, situation or social scenario. Our Samoa Desert boot is an all-time favourite, workable with chinos or jeans for the ultimate smart-casual, while our famous Monk shoe has customers flocking from miles around to get the perfect take on a legendary but difficult-to-perfect shoe. We’ve honed our keen eye for detail, difference and comfort on every style, from tasselled loafers to leather boots, meaning you’re covered for life wearing something that never dates.

    Finally, we stock a couple of choice brands we love and trust. Red Wing is an iconic, beautiful brand specialising in the best leather boots around, much beloved by fashionistas and the folk who go to work in them alike. Hand-made from carefully selected pieces of leather by Red Wing experts, these boots are sturdy, comfy and seriously badass, putting the boss of all finishing touches to any outfit: we’re truly proud to purvey these beauties, and they’re a firm customer favourite. We also love our Ludwig Reiters – like the Red Wings, these trainers are Goodyear welted and are of the very highest possible luxury and style, the crème de la crème of trainer chic. Coming straight out of Vienna, these shoes are quietly dazzling, coming in an array of luxurious soft tones with simple, elegant designs, and are also absurdly comfortable to boot – the company pay special attention to the ‘moving centre’, the connection between the upper part of the shoe and the lower, where they’ve formed something flexible and durable that doesn’t skimp on aerodynamics and style. We’re especially chuffed with our unique collaboration with Ludwig Reiter, the Maronibrater Boot, a twist on the mountain boots worn by workers in Vienna, now updated to give the pinnacle of walking, working, functional fashion, seriously warm and comfy, perfect for long winter walks and any outdoor activity.



  • The Importance of a Capsule Wardrobe

    The Importance of a Capsule Wardrobe

    The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ was first coined in the 1970s and brought to prominence in the 1980s by Donna Karan (owner of DKNY). The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to own a few timeless items of clothing which are interchangeable, good quality and long lasting, which can then be augmented by one or two more seasonal items. As opposed This philosophy has numerous benefits, over the long term it’s much cheaper, it’s far more ethical, and if you invest in the right pieces, you know you’ll always look fantastic.


  • Denim Dictionary

    Denim Dictionary

    Denim jeans are one of the most ubiquitous garments available across the world. With hundreds of different jeans brands available, the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming. What is even more confusing is some of the ‘denim specific’ terminology bandied about. I mean, they’re just jeans, right?


  • The art of imperfection - 'Wabi-Sabi'

    The art of imperfection - 'Wabi-Sabi'

    Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept, centered around the idea of finding beauty in imperfection, transience, modestey, impermenance or incompletion. Wabi-Sabi is a concept which is easily applied to the clothes we wear and the way we wear them.


  • Outfit of the Week 17/01/2017 - Vintage inspired workwear

    Outfit of the Week 17/01/2017 - Vintage inspired workwear

    Many of the items commonly worn today are rooted deeply in their practical and sturdy nature. riveted denim jeans (patented by Levi's in 1873) started life as a fabric worn by gold miners. These types of garments were tough, practical and long lasting. The practicallity, durability and heritage of these garments has begun to find popularity amongst today's 'fast fashion' controlled industry.


  • Harry Stedman at Regent

    Harry Stedman at Regent

    To complement the clothing that we create, Regent are always delighted when we find a company that shares our commitment to quality and craftsmanship and an appreciation of heritage. One such company is Harry Stedman.


  • Outfit of the Week 10/01/2017 - Ivy Style

    Outfit of the Week 10/01/2017 - Ivy Style

    Inspired by the early chapters of David W. Marx's 'Ametora' and following on from the previous blog about 'preppy' fashion, this weeks outfit is firmly rooted in classic Ivy league style. Popularised in America in the wealthy campuses of Harvard, Yale and Princeton, American Ivy League style has been coveted and imitated worldwide, particularly in Japan, where good clothing was viewed as the ultimate status symbol.


  • New Year Styling Tips

    New Year Styling Tips

    With the New Year upon us, we thought it would be worth revisiting some of the essentials of black tie. So, to ensure things smoothly as you see in 2017, here are a few reminders...


  • Preppy Style: A Regent Guide

    Preppy Style: A Regent Guide

    As the New Year approaches and people seek brighter and fresher colours in their clothing, whilst still wanting to remain warm, the Preppy look is likely to enjoy another resurgence. So, giving you a ‘head’s up’, here is Regent’s guide to the Preppy look…


  • Best Foot Forward: Regent’s Romany Boot

    Best Foot Forward: Regent’s Romany Boot

    Regent's Romany Boot is a classic twist on the Chelsea Boot, an enduring style of footwear favoured by royalty, rock stars and intergalactic Imperial Storm Troopers.


  • The Gift of Christmas Style: 2

    The Gift of Christmas Style: 2

    In last week’s Christmas gift guide we looked at some of Regent’s non-clothing items, which included shaving sets, DIY tools, and puzzles. This week, we make a selection of Regent’s dress accessories, from scarves and ties, to bags and wallets.


  • The Gift of Christmas Style: 1

    The Gift of Christmas Style: 1

    The Christmas season is full of joy and cheer, but it can be stressful as you look to find the perfect present for friends and family. Regent, as ever, is here to help and over the next two weeks, we will be providing you with some great gift ideas. This week, we’re thinking about non-clothing items.


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