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    On 30th September the streets of Salisbury will be filled with a glorious roar as a fleet of classic motorcycles rumble into life, each one ridden by an excellently-dressed gent decked out in dapper haberdashery.

    This is the day when, all over the world, impeccably-tailored gentlemen ride classic motorcycles in the face of prostate cancer and to raise funds for the treatment of men’s mental health in the name of the great Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

    Here in Salisbury, our very own head honcho Mr Jason Regent will be brushing, booting and polishing up to take his Triumph Scrambler 900 out to raise money for these crucial causes – as it stands, Jason’s in 3rd place to be Salisbury’s highest fundraising rider!

    Mr Regent couldn’t be more proud to be taking part in such an important event – men’s health is of course something we take tremendously seriously here at Regent – and in particular, men’s mental wellbeing. Three out of four suicides are, sadly, men, proving that there’s some urgent deconstruction needed for what it means to be a man in today’s world. Men who struggle with mental health issues often believe they have to live up to some standard of “manliness”, needing to ‘go it alone’, not talking about how they’re feeling.

    At Regent, we take pride in our incredibly friendly and supportive shop atmosphere, understanding that talking about how you feel, what you’re aspiring to and how you want to present yourself is absolutely key to looking and feeling your best, and we’re so supportive of the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride because it is a huge, real, positive manifestation of solidarity, proving that you’re never on your own.

    At the core of what makes us take men’s fashion so seriously is the belief that you dress the way you want to be addressed: that dressing well is a psychological booster and motivator, giving you confidence and pride in how you’re living and going about your day-to-day work. We believe that helping people to find their style isn’t only a matter of fun (though it certainly should be that too) but also a serious way to bring out their best.

    So, at a time when Salisbury is still battling to prove its health and status as one of our countries’ finest cities, Regent is proud to be riding out to bring a high-fashion parade of superb bikes and dapper gentlemen roaring through the city, not only as an act of defiance but also to raise money and awareness for such a critical cause. See below for a few pointers on how to achieve that desired dapper motor-biker-look ahead of the big day – and please do donate to Jason if you want to help these tremendous charities by following the link below:


    • For the ultimate ‘distinguished gent look’, try one of our tweed jackets currently in the sale: the Senator and the Grenfell Golfer will both look excellent paired with a suit and tie.
    • For a truly classic finish, take a peek at our deluxe, unique Aero Leather Bomber Jacket (or nip into the shop to try on the Gloverall take on this famous style).
    • A fantastic, Steve-McQueen-inspired foundation for your look would be the impeccable pairing of a pair of Hiut jeans and a crisp, white t-shirtA brilliant pair of boots are all-important for biker chic and cycle safety: we recommend a pair of Red Wings – Moc Toe or Chukka will do – which’ll go excellently with your rugged blue Hiuts
    • If you’re going for full dapper and wearing a shirt and tie, it’d be a crime to overlook Regent’s selection of motorbike-inspired ties: we’ve got a whole range of colours, and can offer our unique tyre-track printed silk tie to boot, too, for that subtle and most dapper of distinctions.



  • The Ivy League

    The Ivy League


    The Ivy League look has had an enormous influence on the fashion industry and remains one of the most distinguished styles around today. At its heart is the desire to present oneself as ready to engage with big ideas and move the world forward – two principles commonly associated with the group of elite American colleges (such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton) from which the fashion takes its name. There, college students developed the idea of the Ivy League look from both British and American men who, in the 1920’s, instigated the trend for combining casual and sporting attire. From the 1950’s to the 1960’s the Ivy League look spread through every social circle to steadily become the most desirable mainstream apparel for middle class adults in the US and Britain.

    The look inherited from the ‘50’s consists of a two-button blazer or a three-button jacket with a rolling lapel, an Oxford button-down shirt, cable-knitted waistcoats and high-waist

    An example of an Ivy League outfit. All products stocked here at Regent

    ed trousers with a straight or tapered leg. Footwear would consist of a long wing-tip brogue or a loafer and to polish off the look you could don a silk tie. The ethos serves clothing for every occasion in your social calendar, from formalwear to weekends in the country. On the more causal side, you could wear a chino pant or Levi jeans, a heavy sweatshirt with raglan sleeve, knitted ties, Oxford shirt and converses. These looks quickly became a sort of code of conduct amongst the folk at the best colleges who were proud to be there and spread across the world, taken up heartily in Japan, as the book Ametora (How Japan saved American Style) by W. David Marx shows.

    Many people confuse a certain preppiness with the Ivy League, and, although they share certain strands of DNA, the ‘preppy look’ is a lot more colourful/casual, suitable for garden parties, trips to the Hamptons or casual affairs; the Ivy look aspires to more smart-casual occasions. There are many ways to tell apart the ‘preppy’ and the ‘Ivy League’ people: a prep will wear a boat shoe but an Ivy Leaguer will wear a penny loafer; for preps it’s all about convenience and comfort over style (they’ll throw on the first polo top they find with any old pair of chinos), where as the Ivy Leaguer will take the extra time to find a sweater to wear with that particular polo, and to colour coordinate it all with the trousers.

    The two main clothing stores that represented the Ivy League look were J. Press and Brooks Brothers. J. Press was founded in 1902, right on Yale university campus: its clothing’s stayed the same since opening and the company has a vast amount of off the peg jackets with the traditional three button sack that is rarely found in today’s American fashion. The stores stock traditional men’s clothing such as casual trousers, sweaters and jackets. They also carry out a range of scarves and ties that feature the specific colours for Ivy League schools. The store caters for most of the old-fashioned, preppy and popular trends.

    Brooks Brothers, meanwhile, was founded in 1818 and became known for its ‘ready to wear suits’; the store is hugely popular and responsible for outfitting 40 out of the 45 of American Presidents, from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama. Brooks Brother plays a massive part in the

    The Brooks Brother logo

    industry and they’ve brought us many new ideas to improve men’s fashion: in 1896, they applied button-down collars to dress shirts, then in 1895 their Ivy League sack suit was made; in 1900 Harris Tweed was introduced; in 1904 the classic Shetland sweater was realised – they’re constantly innovating.

    Many products we have created here at Regent draw inspiration from right across these iconic decades. As you travel through the store you’ll see lots of these products carefully placed within overall looks that aspire to continue the innovation associated with the Ivy League. Upon your entrance you’ll find our woven leather belts, while upstairs in the smoking room our white Oxford button-down resides, along with the necessary woollen rollneck, velvet smoking jacket and navy blazer. Across the landing you’ll find the Italian knitted ties. Then, finally, on the top floor you’ll find the heritage Selvedge jean and the Shaggy Shetland jumper. You can celebrate and get into the Ivy League lifestyle with a drink and a Havana cigar in the Liquor Room on your way back down!


  • The Cloths We Use

    The Cloths We Use

    For both our ready to wear and bespoke services, Regent have access to a wide range of cloths, from some of the best mills in the world. Conveniently, lots of these mills are also British, allowing us to keep our business as local as possible. Our favourite British cloth merchants include Dugdale Bros, LBD Harrisons, Holland and Sherry, Lovat Mill and Bateman Ogden. We also have access to a range of other cloths from further afield, such as Reda, Drago and Vitale Barberis Canonico. Each of these names brings something different to the table, ensuring Regent have a wide-ranging selection, which will satisfy everyone’s needs.


  • Icon of Style: HRH The Duke of Windsor

    Icon of Style: HRH The Duke of Windsor

    The Duke of Windsor is remembered for two things, his eleven month reign as Edward VIII between January and December 1936 and his sartorial flair. At the time of his death in 1972, he owned 15 evening suits, 55 lounge suits, 3 formal suits and over 100 pairs of shoes. Credited with the introduction of a more relaxed and less structured approach to dressing, the Duke combined rich textures and colour with confidence and creativity.


  • A Look at Men's Trends for 2014

    A Look at Men's Trends for 2014

    With the London Collections: Men, Milan Menswear and Paris Menswear shows now over for the spring we wanted to look at some of the trends in menswear for the year ahead through the spring and summer, into the autumn and winter.


  • Press - Regent Winter 2014 Collection on the MWB Radar

    Press - Regent Winter 2014 Collection on the MWB Radar

    Regent's Winter Collection 2014 has appeared on MWB magazine's radar with a feature in their January issue. This coverage comes ahead of the Jacket Required trade show at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane on the 5th and 6th February.


  • Made to Measure Round-Up - Shirts & Blouses, From Classics to Florals

    Made to Measure Round-Up - Shirts & Blouses, From Classics to Florals

    At Regent you will find an ever changing collection of shirts that are available off-the-peg for men, these can all be viewed and purchased online here. If you can't find what you are looking for amongst our collection of shirts or find it difficult to fit in to regular off-the-peg shirts then Regent can always help with their made-to-measure shirt service.


  • Street Style - Colour Inspiration

    Street Style - Colour Inspiration

    Amidst the spring season, riots of colour are seen across street style, brightening dull days and inspiring a wealth of colour that bursts across layers and accessories heading towards summer. We take a look at how to work bright combinations into you wardrobe.


  • Street Style - All the Little Details

    Street Style - All the Little Details

    Details can make or break a garment; alternative colours, add-ons, patterns, textures and the individual accessories that all break away from the expected can make a true statement in either a subtle or bold way. Here we explore some of the best examples out on the street.


  • Street Style Friday - Best of Women's Tailoring

    Street Style Friday - Best of Women's Tailoring

    Continuing our series on street style, this week we check out the latest inspiration within women's tailoring where a resurgence to traditional masculine silhouettes remains evident on the street, now updated with twists on structure, fabric and details worn in an overtly feminine way.


  • Street Style - Best of Men's Tailoring

    Street Style - Best of Men's Tailoring

    Street style presents a fantastic source of inspiration enabling us to see a huge variety of outfit and styling combinations from some of the best dressed. Even the smallest details can change a look and street style showcases some of the best examples that can be utilised within your wardrobe. In this mini series on street style, we take a look at the best from across the web, offering you the items to invest in and a few individual style details to make you stand out from the rest.


  • Film Inspiration - James Bond (1962 - Present)

    Film Inspiration - James Bond (1962 - Present)

    From several decades audiences have been enraptured by the actions of James Bond and the actions of James Bond. Whilst James Bond can be reduced to three things - fast cars, girls and the perfect martini - how much of his character is down to the clothing he wears?


  • Made to Measure Round-Up - Summer Weddings

    Made to Measure Round-Up - Summer Weddings

    Regent have been busy over the last couple of months designing and making suits ready for customer's forthcoming weddings this summer.


  • Film Inspiration - An Education (2009)

    Film Inspiration - An Education (2009)

    Set in London in the early 1960s, this is a coming-of-age story that follows Jenny (Milligan) and her transformation from school girl to young woman. The fashion throughout the film is used to highlight this transition; from school uniform, duffle coats and disheveled hair to glamourous fitted dresses, shades and swept back hair.


  • Film Inspiration - Public Enemies (2009)

    Film Inspiration - Public Enemies (2009)

    Public Enemies is based on the story of notorious bank robber John Dillinger (Depp). Set in the Great Depression of the 1930s in Chicago when a crime wave was sweeping the city, several gangs were being caught by FBI agent Melvin Purvis (Bale) and doing everything possible to avoid jail.


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